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HiWi Position: Various Topics in Satellite Attitude Control
5. März 2018; Ramin Geshnizjani

Future satellite missions will be subjected to increasing requirements on their agility, i.e., their ability to perform rapid re-orientation maneuvers, as well as pointing precision, i.e., the ability to accurately maintain the desired attitude during imaging. Due to the agility requirement, the actuator of choice for such missions are control moment gyroscopes (CMGs), which introduce significant nonlinearities into the design plant.

In the scope of the DLR-funded research projects HOREOSagile (High Optical Resolution Earth Observation Satellite under agility constraints) and HOREOSagad (HOREOSagil advanced), algorithms for attitude control as well as the commanding of these CMG actuators are currently being developed at iFR. For the verification of these algorithms, a hardware demonstrator has been built and commissioned at the Airbus Defence and Space site in Friedrichshafen.

The first task of this student assistant position is to further develop and harmonize an existing in-house MATLAB tool (Precision Pointing Control Design Tool, PCDT), which allows a systematical controller design taking into account standardized error metrics defined by the European Cooperation on Space Standardization (ECSS). The second task (starting in the second half of 2018) will be to establish an IT infrastructure to remotely control lab components.


  • Harmonization of the tool's analysis function for (robust) stability and performance
  • Harmonization of the tool's simulator wrt to current developments
  • Development of an IT infrastructure for remote connections to lab components
  • Documentation


  • Good knowledge of MATLAB/Simulink
  • Basic knowledge of control engineering (state space models, nominal/robust stability/performance measures, ...)
  • Ability to work independently

Starting Date: Immediately.

Please do not hesitate to contact me in case of any questions or unclear points.


Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Ramin Geshnizjani