Current Research Topics at a Glance and Publications

Guidance, Navigation, and Control Algorithms are a main driver for future aerospace vehicles, because it determines the feasibility of their mission objectives. We are exploring this in three research directions.

Autonomous Flight and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

In this field we work on enabling functions for autonomous flight, e.g. for future space exploration missions. This requires the design of efficient (real-time executable) algorithms for motion planning with constraints, failure detection, and navigation. Demonstration flight are mainly done with UAVs.

Control Systems for Helicopters and Active Rotors

Helicopters (including rotors) are very complex dynamical systems, they provide demanding engineering challenges. We work in the field of active rotor control, explore the characterization and optimization/attenuation of flight discomfort with helicopters. In addition, we currently investigate the dynamics of coax ultralight helicopter and their stabilization with electric actuators.

Intelligent Flight

New technologies and high availability of digital information on-board an aircraft allow more possibilities for pilot support systems and on-board automation, even in case of unexpected events and uncertainties. Intelligent flight reduces the pilot workload and increases safety. Our research also includes (but is not limited to) methods of AI.


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