CoAX 600

Pilot Assistance Systems for Ultralight Helicopters

CoAX 600 during a Flight Test Campaign in 2021

In cooperation with edm aerotec GmbH, iFR conducts research on how to make flying helicopters easier and thus safer. The research topics reach from governors to stability augmentation systems in the primary control train. Through the cooperation with the manufacturer, new algorithms can be tested under realistic circumstances. 

The CoAX 600 is a prototype that is based on the CoAX 2D, but has a higher maximum take-off mass of 600 kg. Since 2019, German law allows helicopters with a take-off mass of up to 600 kg to be certified as ultralight helicopters. Among other advantages like higher payload or range, this also enables the use of modern avionics and actuators which aid the pilot and thus improve safety.

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