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Federico Pinchetti

Institut für Flugmechanik und Flugregelung


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Pfaffenwaldring 27
70569 Stuttgart
Raum: 02.044

Master in Aerospace Engineering at University of Pisa, Italy (December 2006 - April 2009)

  • Major Subjects: Chemical and Electrical Space Propulsion, Control, Orbital Mechanics
  • Thesis: "Investigation of Fast Discharge Control Algorithms for High Precision Inertial Sensors"

MSc thesis project at EADS Astrium in Friedrichshafen, Germany (September 2008 - February 2009)

  • Design of an on-board algorithm for the LISA Pathfinder mission.
  • Analysis of the force coupling in different actuation modes and design of a new actuation mode.
  • Improvement of the pre-existing actuation strategies and the system modelling.

Researcher at Technische Universiteit Delft, Netherlands (September 2009 - June 2011)

  • Preliminary study for extended object and wave-front estimation in astronomical systems within a control-system framework.
  • Identification of different research possibilities to achieve the project goals.

Engineer at Astos Solutions in Stuttgart, Germany (July 2011 - December 2011)

  • Support for the LTP Discharge group in EADS Astrium in Friedrichshafen
  • Data and System Simulation analysis

Researcher at the Institute of Flight Mechanics and Control (iFR), Universitaet Stuttgart, Germany (February 2012 - Present).


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