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LISA Pathfinder - first results
22. Juni 2016;

The first official journal article about the LISA Pathfinder results was now published in Physical Review Letters 1. Among the co-authors are two former PhD students of the iFR and Prof. Fichter. The performance expectations of the LISA technology package, i.e. instrument on LISA pathfinder, are exceed by far. It is now the quietest (most precise) inertial instrument ever built. One of the enabling key technologies of the LISA technology package is the drag-free control system. Several iFR members made significant contributions to the design of this control system, see references in the PRL article 2,3.

1. M. Armano, H. Audley, G. Auger, J. Baird, M. Bassan, P. Binetruy, M. Born, D. Bortoluzzi, N. Brandt, M. Caleno, and others, “Sub-Femto-g Free Fall for Space-Based Gravitational Wave Observatories: LISA Pathfinder Results,” Physical Review Letters, vol. 116, no. 23, p. 231101, 2016.
2. W. Fichter, A. Schleicher, and S. Vitale, “Drag-Free Control Design with Cubic Test Masses,” Lasers, Clocks, and Drag-Free Control, vol. 349, no. December, 2007.
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