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LISA Pathfinder’s Drag-Free Control System in Operation
10. März 2016;

The technology satellite LISA Pathfinder was launched in December 2015 and reached its final orbit at L1 in January 2016. The drag-free control system of LISA Pathfinder was turned on in February this year, was test by ESA and an industrial team, and proofed to be fully functional and performant. Several staff member of iFR as well as Prof Fichter were involved in the development of the drag-free control system with important contributions, such as the conception of the control system, controller design and analysis, performance analysis, and the design of a special science mode (the drift-mode).

The drag-free control system of LISA Pathfinder is among the most complex control systems of all ESA spacecraft. It is a part of the world’s most accurate inertial instrument, see also and links herein.