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 Master Thesis - LISA DFACS: AOCS and Test Mass Actuation Strategies @ Airbus

29. Juni 2018

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 Master Thesis: Sensor Systems for Space Applications @ Infinion

29. Juni 2018

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 Head of the department ”Guidance, Navigation, Control and System Analysis” at French-German Research Institute of Saint-Louis

16. April 2018

The French German Research Institute of Saint-Louis (ISL), a leader in Europe in research on guided projectiles, is urgently looking for the head of its department “guidance, navigation, control, and system analysis”. This department belongs to the division “Flight Techniques for Projectiles”, comprising also aerodynamics, real flight experiments and sensors & communication systems departments. Their research is applied to all kinds of guided projectiles, mostly gun-launched. The position is challenging as the division’s roadmap schedules ambitious deadlines for demonstrating the feasibility of an innovative long-range guided projectile concept.
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 HiWi-Stelle für UAV-Integration

12. April 2018

Das iFR sucht einen HiWi zum Aufbau, sowie zur Wartung der am Institut betriebenen UAVs. (Flug-) Modellbauerfahrung vorteilhalft;
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 Das iFR sucht akademische Mitarbeiter

3. August 2017

Mehrere offene Stellen für akademische Mitarbeiter mit der Möglichkeit zur Promotion
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