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 HOREOSagile Flyer online

19. September 2016

A flyer about the ongoing joint satellite attitude control research project “HOREOS agile” is now online.
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 LISA Pathfinder - first results

22. Juni 2016

The first official journal article about the LISA Pathfinder results was now published in Physical Review Letters.
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 LISA Pathfinder’s Drag-Free Control System in Operation

10. März 2016

The technology satellite LISA Pathfinder was launched in December 2015 and reached its final orbit at L1 in January 2016. The drag-free control system of LISA Pathfinder was turned on in February this year, was test by ESA and an industrial team, and proofed to be fully functional and performant.
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 Flight Test of iFR Pilot Support Application

13. September 2015

On 13 September 2015 the application was succesfully tested for the first time.
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 Successful Automatic Landing of DA 42

27. August 2015

First autmatic take-off and landing of a Diamond DA 42 on September 18th 2015 within project FlySmart.
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 DGLR Workshop Fachbereich L3 an der Universität Stuttgart

27. November 2014

DGLR-Fachbereichs L3 Unbemannte Fluggeräte an der Univeristät Stuttgart.
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