Multiplex Twinstar in autonomous flight

Autonomous Flight

Unmanned vehicles and autonomous flight require dedicated functions beyond conventional automatic flight in the fields of navigation, motion planning and controls, fault management, and environment mapping. Our research focuses on the first three topics for small UAVs with limited computational power and sensor information. It covers both, aerial (primarily) and space vehicles.

Diamond DA 42 in automatic flight

Intelligent Flight

This research focuses on general aviation aircraft. We investigate the optimal use of the constantly increasing amount and availability of information in order to enhance flight controls, guidance, and decision making on board, either for automatic flight or pilot assistance.

BK117 by Eurocopter eEquipped with four active Trailing-Edge Flaps (TEF)

Helicopter Flight

Helicopters provide very special challenges in the field of dynamics and controls. We investigate rotor dynamics and active rotor control, vibrations and its interaction with flight controls, and other helicopter dynamics and control problems such as external loads.

Collage - LISA Pathfinder and formula

Other Activities

For many years we were very active in the design of precision control systems for inertial instruments and satellites. Some interesting activities are still ongoing, you find them here.



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