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Torbjørn Cunis


Institute for Flight Mechanics and Control


+49 711 685 66617

Business card (VCF)

Pfaffenwaldring 27
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 2.043

Skibik, Liao-Mc Pherson, Cunis, Kolmanovsky, & Nicotra, A Feasibility Governor for Enlarging the Region of Attraction of Linear Model Predictive Controllers, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control (in press), 2021. doi:10.1109/TAC.2021.3123224

Cunis & Kolmanovsky. Viability, viscosity, and storage functions for model-predictive control with terminal constraints. Automatica 131, 109748, 2021. doi:10.1016/j.automatica.2021.109748

Cunis, Condomines, & Burlion. Sum-of-squares flight control synthesis for deep-stall recovery. Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics 43(8)1498—1511, 2020.

Cunis, Condomines, & Burlion. Local stability analysis for large polynomial spline systems. Automatica 113, 108773, 2020.

Cunis, Condomines, Burlion, & Anders la Cour-Harbo. Dynamic stability analysis of aircraft flight beyond stall. Journal of Aircraft 57(1)143—155, 2020.

Cunis, Burlion, & Condomines. Piecewise polynomial modeling for control and analysis of aircraft dynamics beyond stall. Journal of Guidance, Dynamics, and Control 42(4)949—957, 2020.

Karásek, Perçin, Cunis, et al. Accurate position control of a flapping-wing robot enabling free-flight flow visualisation in a wind-tunnel. International Journal of Micro Air Vehicles 11, 2019.

In the winter term 2021/22 I teach the seminar Recent Topics Of Systems Theory For Flight Control.

Open topics

I am currently offering the following topics for Master theses:

  • Comparison of SOS and DSOS for aerospace system analysis [ma_dsosforaero]
  • Identification of post-stall aerodynamic models for nonlinear system analysis [ma_pwpolyfit]

Ongoing theses

  • Strategies for convergence of region of attraction estimation algorithms (MA)
  • Quantitative stability analysis based on inflight experiments (BA)
  • Real-time optimization of model-predictive control for aircraft upset recovery (MA)
  • A feasibility governor for model-predictive control of an aerial robot (MA)

Torbjørn Cunis’ research is focused on aeronautical flight control and systems theory. He is interested in things that fly and methods to rigorously prove their ability to do. On this scope, he studies various concepts of mathematical proving, validation, and certification for their application to physical aerospace systems. Dr. Cunis is research associate of the University of Stuttgart, adjunct assistant research scientist at the University of Michigan, and a fellow of the Young ZiF, Centre of Interdisciplinary Research at the University of Bielefeld.


2013 B.Sc. in Computer Science, University of Würzburg

2014 B.Sc. in Aerospace Computer Engineering, University of Würzburg

2016 M.Sc. in Automation Engineering, RWTH Aachen University

2019 Doctor in Systems & Control, ISAE-Supaéro, University of Toulouse


2019—2021 Research fellow of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

2016—2019 Researcher at ONERA – The French Aerospace Lab & the French Civil Aviation School ENAC, Toulouse


2018 Vehicle Optimization Lab, University of Michigan

2018 Automation & Control Group, Aalborg University

2015/2016 Micro Air Vehicle Lab, Delft University of Technology

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